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Cranial Osteotomy - Victim of Wicked Sickness (2011)

3. července 2011 v 11:36 | Vortexx-Neo

Band: Cranial Osteotomy
Album: Victim of Wicked Sickness (2011)
Year: April 2011
Type: Full-length
Genre(s): Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Gore, Sickness, Torments, Death
Country: Russia (Omsk)
Quality: [MP3] 320 Kbps 44 Khz (CBR) [44100 Hz Stereo]
Size: 66.09 MB RAR + Full Cover

1.Introduction in Human Disembowelment 01:50
2.Decayed Wounds 02:15
3.Oppressing of Mentality 02:11
4.Harvesting the Extirpated 01:32
5.Perverted in Cruel Form Surgery 02:24
6.Sweet Brutality 01:50
7.Gerontophile Sick Sodomy 02:30
8.Devoured Essential 02:36
9.Painful Erection Clitoris 02:26
10.Drowning in Fluids of Colporrhagia 02:37
11.Victim of Wicked Sickness 02:38
12.Cadaveric Flesh Amputated 01:37
13.Systematic Excoriation 01:41



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